Jillian Hallowell

Saucy women, packing heat and the men who love them
About (Biography)

Jillian didn't jump directly into writing the steamy romance novels, but developed it over five years and four novels. Each novel saw the characters getting friendlier and friendlier until she realized she had jumped into a new category of romance.

As a native Mainer, Jillian loves her home state and the opportunities for developing story locations from the rocky coast to the Mountains in the west.

Jillian is married to a police sergeant and has worked as a journalist in a small town. Through these experiences she has become more aware of the interactions between different people and has learned that if you shut your mouth long enough, people will tell you almost anything.


Jillian Hallowell lives with her very own hunky man-in-uniform and a whole heap of boring reality. She likes to escape to her novels to draw out the good and bad in her characters. She loves exploring the inner workings of area police agencies and the employees who make them tick. In the end, she hopes that her readers enjoy the adventures between the covers of her books.
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